is a brand under MUMUJEANZ. The main business is mermaid tail, sportswear, outdoor products, souvenir gifts, daily necessities, etc.

Brand concept: Helicoprion is a large-scale shark that has not been fully confirmed. It has a powerful and mysterious temperament. Helicoprion brand upholds the attitude of independence, perseverance and maverick, and has a novel, bold, and self-breaking fashion pursuit. The Helicoprion with its unique spiral teeth also represents the courage and determination to open up new areas.

Design concept: Helicoprion's original design fishtail is divided into hand-painted series and high-definition series. The hand-painted series are all hand-painted by the designer. The styles are prominent and the styles are changeable. The high-density air layer fabrics are used for higher-definition printing and are more comfortable and warm to wear. 
The special bronzing process makes the fish skin shiny and unique in the water. Helicoprion high-definition series fishtails, using sequins, punching, embroidery, spinning, and other fabrics, adhere to the concept of environmental protection and use lighter and stronger sequin production technology to better protect the marine ecological environment. Helicoprion, a professional fishtail design brand, is original, so attentive.